Downstairs Bathroom
12-17-2002 to 09-19-2003
infinity hrs

The downstairs bathroom was ugly, linolium, overly huge mirror, and skanky lighting. After spending forever peeling wallpaper, we put in tile floor and a pedastal sink. We wanted it to look nice since it was the guest powder room that our friends always clog.
House Exterior
2003 to 2003-02-02
0 hrs

We painted the house to seal the water damage and to make it pretty.
Master Bedroom
2003-08-01 to 2003-08-12
20 hrs

Painted the master bedroom. Finally got bedroom furniture in fall 2005
Master closet
2003-08-03 to 2004-04-20
50 hrs

We wanted to reorganize the closet since it was inefficiently designed.We decided to paint it the same color as the bedroom for practice. We tiled the floor and then continued into the master bathroom. We finally put in wire shelving in an L-shape to add plenty of storage.
Master Bathroom
2003-11-18 to 2005-01-08
1000000 hrs

Basically the master closet spilled into the entire bathroom. We continued the tile throughout the entire area. Too much work
2003-08-12 to 2003-08-30
40 hrs

'Ugh, me like garage' This was Joe's man place and the stupid shelf had to go.There was only one outlet in the entire garage, so I wired up some outlets and put in a brighter light. I put in a workbench and created some sturdier more efficient shelves. This used to be a two car garage until Jen got a TrailBlazer.
New Carpet
2004-11-22 to 2003-11-24
10 hrs

For an early Christmas gift, we decided to get new berber carpet...that and the fact that the old stuff was the original nasty carpet. We had to "de-Melvinize" the office by ripping up the carpet and painting primer to kill the stains. Other than clearing out the rooms, the dudes at Lowe's took just 1 day to install everything. So nice and new smelling!
2005-01-29 to 2005-02-03
20 hrs

We decided to paint the office 'Mediterranean Sun', sort of a classy rust color. This project took a LOT less time than the others...thankfully!
Guest Bedroom
2005-06-28 to 2005-06-30
15 hrs

A quick paint job helped cover up the nasty peach color from before. We are still planning on giving it the proper due time
2005-06-25 to 2005-08-27
100 hrs

Major work on the kitchen included peeling wallpaper and painting the walls and trim. We also covered the old floor with sticky vinyl tile and eventually will get new black countertop.
Guest Bathroom
2005-03-11 to 2005-03-16
20 hrs

2005-03-11 to 2005-04-16
100 hrs

Paint and finally finished up the front room.

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