Famous Englers around the web

John Engler
Former governer of Michigan

Balz Engler
Professor of English Literature
Basel University, Check Republic /people/teachers/engler.htm

Adolf Engler
Director of the Botanischer Garten in Berlin from 1898-1921
Has medal named after him. The Engler Medal in Gold is awarded for outstanding [lifetime] contributions to plant taxonomy at each International Botanical Congress, i.e., every six years chmid/Engler.html

Jürgen Engler
Musician from Germany
Brian Engler
Stamp collector out of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Bruce Engler

Alan M Engler, M.D.
Plastic Surgery doctor
New York, NY

Engler's Designer Images
Cheesy couple with a photography company
Based out of New Castle, DE by Mark Engler
The site contains "a collection of articles that bring a progressive and internationalist perspective to critical issues facing society" = liberal hippy douche

Ramsey Engler LTD
Interior design
Based out of Minneapolis

Joseph Engler (not the cool one)
Obituary for some guy in Peshtigo, Wisconsin its/jengler.htm

Engler Engineering Corporation
Sells dental equipment (with "Engler" on it!)
Based out of Hialeah, Florida

Children of Andrew Engler
Family history of Englers in Worthington, Iowa
Personal site for some family down in Texas
I can't talk bad about it (vs. It's well-organizaed, and they just had a baby (so some cute pix)

Vicki Engler Antiel
Realtor out of Alamosa, Colorado

Hans Engler
Math professor
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

Clint Engler for Congress
Rebuplican running for 17th Congressional District California
(I think he lost)

Kosha Engler
Actually appeared in a movie - Dirty Shame (featuring Tracy Ullmann and Johnny Knoxville)

Joe Engler (not the cool one)
Baseball player at Minot State University (Minot, North Dakota) thletics/baseball/JoeEngler.htm

Vickie "Shadow Hawk" Engler
Native American in Williamsport, Pennsylvania area< /a>
Web development company in Denmark.
I think it was renamed to NetThinks Internet Solutions, but I'm not sure (I don't know Danish)

Valerie Engler Farm
Horse farm in Campton, New Hampshire< /a>

Engler's Train Depot
Model train hobby shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Pictured left is Marvin Engler, known as "The Train Doctor"

Charles Engler
Obituary for some guy in Shawnee County, Kansas
http://skyways.lib.ks. us/genweb/archives/1918ks/bioe/englerc.html

Arnold Engler
Physics Professor
Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh) ngler

Kate Engler Band
Blues artist
Originating from Buffalo, New York area

Engler Block
Shopping center in Branson, Missouri
Offers "a world of Ozarks craftsmanship and artistry under one roof

Other web stuff

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) search on 'Engler';tt =on;nm=on;mx=20

Net Identity - a sketchy website that sells subdomains and emails of last names for $$$ (i.e. and

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