Joe's Neon Fantasy Land

Joe says:
I've always thought about tricking out my neon, "pimp my ride" if you will. -- spoilers, hydraulics, the whole enchilada!
I would surely get the babes then
Unfortunately after spending so much on the car, I don't have enough funds to by the mods.
Oh well, I still look at these sweet rides and think....what if!?!!?

Oh Sweet! Fullfilling my dream of monster trucks and neon.
It's even black!

Lamborghini style doors!

If it's good enough for NASCAR, it's good enough for me!

That spoiler probably makes it go a jillion miles per hour faster!

Is it revving or on fire?!?!?

Check out the cool graphics (and then note the tire rim)
P.S. Notice he goes to Gold's just like I do

Hey all you math majors
Neon + Joe = babes



Wish I had a better res picture
Check out the headlights on that sucker!

Saw this sweet ride in Daytona Beach

Why, God? Why?

Only in a car this cool can a guy pull off pink