• At St. Anthony's Church     DIRECTIONS
  • Nuptual Mass to begin at 5:00 pm (lasting about 1 hour)
  • Semi-formal attire requested of guests
  • Officient is Father Jay Davidson, acolyte is Jason Gries
  • Please be on time, and turn off those cell phones and beepers out of courtesy :)
  • Parking at St. Anthony's is limited. Feel free to park at the funeral home across the road or on the side roads nearby.


    St. Anthony's
    Outside view

    Remodeling plans
    Ceiling done, new flooring
    and seating to come

    Behind the altar
    Gold leaf mural

    Behind the altar
    The tabernacle

    View from altar
    The old pews (being remodeled)

    View from altar
    Organ in back of church

    New view
    Altar with new tiled flooring
    (notice the temporary chairs)

    New view
    Another shot of the remodeled
    altar area

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