Here is a list of people invited from various parts of the country. If you want someone's information (i.e. you're interested in car pooling) just send us an email, and we'll get you there info!
West Lafayette, IN
Stephanie Sandor & Trevor
Andy Forti
Becky McKee
Erin Williams
Scott Haldeman & Heidi
Lin Takrudtong
Kevin Jant
Nashville, TN Adam Bernick & Laura Ressler
Indianapolis, IN Dax Denton
Leslie Boehrer & Melissa Clifford
Erik Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jorgensen
Jessica Loving
Cary/Raleigh/Durham, NC Alli Forti
Paul Cance & Jessica Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Russ Scheerer
Kapil Katyal
Will Smythe
Dave Bucheger
Clayton Coleman
Kelli Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kapoor
Okemos, MI
Michigan St
Holly Giesman
Bloomington, IN Jill Clifford & Dave
South Bend, IN Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Westerfeld
New Jersey Andy Shannon
Chicago TJ Aubin
Jodi Stromberg & Jen Andert
Rochester, MN Mr. & Mrs. Bryon Wirtz
Mr. & Mrs. Russ Brown
Tallahassee, FL Andy Watson
Jacksonville, FL Andy Miller
Waxahachie, TX Mr. & Mrs. Matt Malek
Seattle, WA Mike Masterson & Tara
Mike Quinn

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